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International Email: Europe-East

| Europe-General | Belarus | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Estonia | Greece | Latvia |
| Lithuania | Macedonia | Moldova | Romania | Russia | Serbia | Ukraine | Yugoslavia | Multi-Lingual |

Country/Region Provider Type Comments
Flag of the EU Europe-General Euroseek Web-Based Based in Sweden, in English and Swedish
SearchEuropeFEPG Recommended Web-Based Based in Malta, powered by Outblaze
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Respublika Byelarus' Web-Based
Tut.byFEPG Recommended Web-Based
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosna i Hercegovina Web-Based Available in Bosnian and English. Powered by
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria AbvFEPG Recommended Web-Based Bulgaria's most popular free email provider
AllFEPG Recommended Web-Based/POP3 Bulgarian portal site
Mail Web-Based/POP3 Offers SMTP access and free webspace
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Republika Hrvatska Web-Based Powered by
Iskon Web-Based/
Croatian portal site
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Eesti Vabariik Web-Based *
Flag of Greece Greece 
Ellinikí Dhimokratía
Freemail Forwarding  
iBoom Web-Based Site is mainly in English Web-Based Site is in Greek and English
MailBox Forwarding  
MailGate Web-Based Site is in English
VIP Web-Based  
YawMail Web-Based Site is in English
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Latvijas Republika
Apollo Web-Based Latvian portal site
Core Web-Based  
DELFI Web-Based Latvian portal site
Inbox Web-Based/
Mail Web-Based *
TVNet Web-Based Latvian portal site
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Lietuvos Respublika
Centras Web-Based/POP3 Lithuanian portal site, offers a choice of 5 domain names
e-Post Web-Based A simple web-based email provider
Free-Hosting POP3 Offers domain names,,, and others
FreeMail Web-Based/POP3 Powerful email, available in Lithuanian, English and Russian
Takas POP3 The number one POP3 email and internet access provider in Lithuania
TVNet Web-Based Lithuanian portal site
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia (FYROM)
Republika Makedonija
Freemail Web-Based
Flag of Moldova Moldova Mail.mdFEPG Recommended Web-Based Very nice site, which is in English. Based in Chisinau, Moldova.
Flag of Romania Romania
Codec Web-Based Email site is in English and offers 3 domain names:, &
Digiro Web-Based  
FX Freemail Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based Email site is in English and offers 2 domain names: &
RDS (Romania Data Systems) Web-Based  
Flag of Russia Russia
Rossiyskaya Federatsiya
Beep Web-Based POP3  
E-Mail Web-Based 2MB storage limit, choice of 7 domain names. Also available in English
Freemail Web-Based  
Halyava POP3  
I-Connect Web-Based  
Mail.ruFEPG Recommended Web-Based
From the Russian portal site, is the Internet's largest web-based email service in the Russian language. Available in Russian and English
NewMail Web-Based Also known as 16MB limit.
PochtamtFEPG Recommended Web-Based/POP3 and
Tomcat POP3?  
Windom's Web-Based
Yandex Web-Based Russian portal site
Flag of Serbia Serbia

(See also Yugoslavia)
Pancevo Forwarding  
SerbianCity Web-Based/
Flag of the Ukraine Ukraine
Ukrayina Web-Based  
GoMail Web-Based Site is in Ukrainian, Russian and English
ITL Forwarding? Forwarding? Web-Based/POP3 20MB storage space Web-Based/POP3 Can also connect directly to mail servers by phone (toll-free) from within Kiev.
Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Savezna Republika Jugoslavija

(See also Serbia)
Belgrade Web-Based Powered by
Beograd Web-Based Web-Based Powered by BigMailBox. Email system is in English Recommended Web-Based  
Home Web-Based Powered by Web-Based
Also offers mobile phone notification and Web-to-SMS Web-Based Powered by BigMailBox. Email system is in English
MonteCafe Web-Based Powered by BigMailBox. Email system is in English
RSProg Web-Based Powered by
Subotica Web-Based/POP3 Web-Based/
www.yu Web-Based
Go to http://mail.www.yu:8882/ once you have registered
Flag of the United Nations Organization Multi-
sprachig Web-Based Available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian & Estonian as well as localized content for Austria (German), Switzerland (German, French & Italian) and Luxembourg (French).

| Europe-General | Belarus | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Estonia | Greece | Latvia |
| Lithuania | Macedonia | Moldova | Romania | Russia | Serbia | Ukraine | Yugoslavia | Multi-Lingual |

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