Free Email Providers

U.S.A. Email This section provides detailed information on providers not only based in the U.S., but also those of interest to Americans. It also provides information on the different kind of free email services available.

International Email As in the U.S.A. section, free email providers here may not always be based in the country, but are set up to specifically serve the listed country. We have free email providers from Argentina to Yugoslavia . . . Moldova to Malaysia!

Special Interests If you want a free email provider that reflects a more personal style, this section is for you. If you are a dog lover, Felicity fanatic, baseball guru, movie buff, senior, political advocate or technogeek, you will find a provider here who will reflect your personality.

By Supplier There are many free email providers that are powered by the same company. To see a list of these providers, and who powers them, this section is for you.

Select Sites has developed a select site program to highlight providers whose service, reliability and product are of the highest standard. Enter this section to find out our current top picks.

New? Confused? If our huge database of information, and the multitude of options available, is leaving your head spinning, start here for easy steps to break down the process of finding your ideal free email provider.