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Free Email Providers - U.S.A.

Below are the different types of free email providers that serve the U.S.A. Select the heading of your choice to see all providers available and a detailed list of their features and services.

Web-Based Standard email systems that you access on the Web. Select from the menu below:
# - B | C - D | E - H | I - L | M - O | P - S | T - Z

Unified Messaging Email, voicemail, and possibly fax, all in one mailbox

POP3 Email that you read using your favorite email software, such as Eudora, Outlook, etc.

Readers Web sites that allow you to read your POP3-accessible mail on the Web

Forwarding Automatically forward incoming email to another email account of your choice

Proprietary Email services that do not require internet access

For Webmasters For those of you that have your own web site and would like to offer free email, for free.

The above menu will take you directly to the type of email provider you are looking for, whether that be web-based, POP3, etc. If you are not sure what type of free email system you need, we provide more detailed descriptions of the different types of free email to help you decide.

We suggest you start with the Web-Based listings, especially those marked with Recommended!, which are our recommended sites. If you're looking for a provider outside of the USA we have listings from over 85 countries.

If you would like further help to find your ideal free email provider, let PostyTM guide you through an easy search process.


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