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POP3 Providers

These providers only offer POP3/SMTP access. POP3 accounts may also be viewed on the web using a "Reader." Note: Many web-based and non-USA providers also offer POP3 accessibility.

  POP3a Storage Limit POP Setting SMTP Setting IMAP Setting
Blue Room Publishing Acc ? ? ? -
CheyenneWeb Acc None ? ? -
GMX1Recommended! Acc ? -
H & H Development Acc ? -
HotPOP2 Acc 10MB -
MailCC Acc None -
MyRealBox3 Acc 10MB Acc ? -
NetTaxi Acc 4MB -
Acc ? n/a -
PPLMail Acc 10MB -
ProHosting Acc ?1MB ? ? -
SoftHome3Recommended! Acc None -
StartFree4 Acc None -
VisualCities5 Acc ? -

1 - GMX, which also offers a complete web interface, is in German but they offer an excellent service if you can handle the language
2 - HotPop also offers forwarding and has a choice of 7 domain names.
3 - Also offers a web-based front-end.
4 - StartFree offers free email as part of a free Internet connection package in certain U.S. cities.
5 - Offered with free webspace
Recommended! - Recommended by the Free Email Providers Guide
Note: Many POP3 providers use a feature called "POP before SMTP" which requires that a person fist log in via POP before they are allowed to send through the SMTP server. This is done in order to stop Spammers from abusing their systems.

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