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Can I sign up for a RocketMail account? No, not any more. Yahoo bought up Four11, which created RocketMail. Anyone trying to sign up for RocketMail is now taken to Yahoo Mail, in fact RocketMail is now using YahooMail's interface.
How can we list our free email service on We're constantly trawling the web for new email providers. Once your service picks up enough critical mass that people start regularly blogging and posting about it, we'll probably notice fairly quickly and add it to this site. Note that we've had to stop accepting new listing suggestions since we were being swamped with spam (over 1,000 spam messages per valid suggestion!).
I have free email on my site through ZapZone Network (ZZN), could you add my service to your listings? Unfortunately we do not list services powered by ZZN as they are available to anyone with a website - it is not practical to try to list them all, sorry. (Note: Currently there are over 75,000 sites offering ZZN free email!)
I have free email on my site through, could you add my service to your listings? We used to add such services, and we've kept the existing listings intact, but we've stopped adding new listings since the service has become so popular that there are thousands of them, all with basically the same features.
I want to email attachments that are too large for my email provider to handle. How can I get large files to other people? Consider using a dedicated file storage service such as Xdrive, which was designed from the ground up to provide massive amounts of storage space, and offers a free trial period.
I would like to use an email provider that is not based in the USA or is not in English, are there any? The FEPG lists providers from over 85 countries in many different languages, check out our worldwide listings here.
Is NetZero available for the Mac or a system like NetZero which would offer me free internet access? I am not aware of any proprietary system that will run on the Mac. At the present time NetZero has no plans to release a Mac version. One workaround would be to install PC emulation software that enables you to run Windows and Windows software on a Mac. Check out a list of PC emulation software.
What are POP3, SMTP and IMAP4? POP3 is basically a standard that enables emails to be retrieved from a mailbox remotely. SMTP is a similar standard with regards to sending email remotely. IMAP4 is a new standard similar to POP3.
What is the best free email provider? That depends on what you're looking for! You can see the providers that we've selected as our Top 5 picks here. If you want a provider to match your special interests then check out this page!
When I print pages from the FEPG they are too wide, how can I print without losing any data? Set your printer to landscape orientation before printing, you should be able to do this from within your browser.