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International Email: Asia-South/Central

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Country/Region Provider Type Comments
Asia South/Central Asia-General AsiaFind Web-Based Connecting Chinese people worldwide as well as people interested in Asia. Available in English and Chinese (Big5 and GB). Also provides free webspace.
Asian Avenue Web-Based From CommunityConnect, powered by WhoWhere
AsianHome Web-Based General Asian portal site. Powered by BigMailBox.
AsianWired Web-Based Powered by Chek
AsiaPoint Web-Based Site is in English. For people in Asia-Pacific, powered by NetRoamer.
Click2Asia Web-Based The premier online community for Asians and those interested in Asia
GrooveAsia Web-Based Asian pop/entertainment site. Powered by Outblaze.
MailAsia Web-Based Site is in English and Chinese (Big5 and GB), powered by Outblaze.
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Web-Based Web-Based Powered by
Flag of India India
123IndiaFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Critical Path / Intrasoft Technologies Web-Based/ POP3  
BroadcastIndia Web-Based Also offers phone access India Web-Based
Unified Messaging
Powered by OneBox. South Asian portal site. Web-Based This site shares its advertising revenue with regular users, provided they are residents of India Web-Based Indian portal site
Enzoy Web-Based Powered by
GoaWorld Web-Based Powered by, for Goa, India.
GrabMailFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Outblaze
GujuFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Outblaze
I Love India Forwarding Web-Based Powered by Web-Based Portal site. Powered by
IndiaInfo Web-Based  
IndiaSeek Web-Based  
IndiaSite Web-Based  
IndiaTimes Web-Based  
LetterIndia Forwarding Also offers service whereby you can send free "snail-mail" to and from India. Web-Based Powered by
MailNova.comFEPG Recommended Web-Based From the portal site
OwnMail Web-Based Can retrieve mail from HotMail and YahooMail accounts. Also offers free email services to webmasters.
Phokat Web-Based Powered by Web-Based
ProudIndians Web-Based Powered by
Rediff MailFEPG Recommended Web-Based  
SatyamOnline Web-Based Powered by CriticalPath
Tantriks Proprietary dial-up system For residents of Bangalore
VirtualIndiaFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Commtouch
Yahoo IndiaFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Yahoo!Mail system for India
Flag of Sri Lanka Myanmar
Pyidaungzu Myanma Naingngandaw Web-Based Powered by BigMailBox
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Freemail PK Web-Based Site is in English
InBox Web-Based Site is in English, powered by
NETCrawlerFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Outblaze
PakCenter Web-Based Web-Based Pakistani portal site, powered by BigMailBox
PakistanMailFEPG Recommended Web-Based Site is in English Web-Based Powered by Outblaze. Site is in English.
PiMail Web-Based Site is in English
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka LakMail Web-Based By Lanka Online. Site is in English
Flag of the United Nations Organization Multi-
Asia-Links Web-Based or, available in English, Japanese and Korean
AsianCityWeb Web-Based Available in Korean, Simplified Chinese(GB), Japanese and English
HelloAsiaFEPG Recommended Web-Based Powered by Critical Path. Available in Traditional Chinese (Big5), Simplified Chinese(GB), Korean & English as well as localized content for Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea & Taiwan.

| General | Bangladesh | India | Myanmar (Burma) | Pakistan | Sri Lanka | Multi-Lingual |

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