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International Email: Scandinavia/Iceland

| Europe-General | Denmark | Iceland | Finland | Norway | Sweden | Multi-Lingual |

Country/Region Provider Type Comments
Flag of the EU Europe-General Euroseek Web-Based Based in Sweden, in English and Swedish
SearchEuropeFEPG Recommended Web-Based Based in Malta, powered by Outblaze
Flag of Denmark Denmark
909 Mail Web-Based  
ArealCity Web-Based Site is in English. Also offers free webspace, etc.
Bluemail Web-Based  
EON Web-Based  
Forum Web-Based  
Jubii Web-Based Danish portal site. Offers 30 domain names, most of which are common Danish surnames
Mail-Online Web-Based 25MB storage. Available in 16 languages
MailMe Web-Based Powered by MailMan
OFiR Web-Based
POP3 Web-Based  
YahooFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Yahoo!Mail system in Danish
Flag of Finland Finland
Artic Web-Based  
EmailPlanet Reader  
IOBoxFEPG Recommended Web-Based Web-Based  
Sunpoint Web-Based With 20MB webspace, memo and calendar.
WebInfo Web-Based  
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Lyoveldio Island
Email Web-Based
Ice Web-Based  
Flag of Norway Norway
A-Post Web-Based
A4 Web-Based Web-Based? Also offers free internet access
MailStart Reader  
Norgesmail Web-Based  
Online Web-Based Et nettsted for Telenor Internett
OperaMail Web-Based Site is in English. Powered by Infinite Technologies. Web-Based  
Portalen Web-Based/POP3 Offers over 80 domain names
SprayFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Spray Mail system in Norwegian.
Start Web-Based Norwegian portal site
YahooFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Yahoo!Mail system in Norwegian
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Sverige Web-Based/POP3 *
AltaVistaFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard AltaVista system in Swedish. POP3 Web-Based  
IOBox Web-Based Web-Based  
Passagen POP3 *
Slartibartfast Forwarding  
SprayFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Spray Mail system in Swedish. Web-Based  
TjohooFEPG Recommended Web-Based *
Torget POP3 *
YahooFEPG Recommended Web-Based The standard Yahoo!Mail system in Swedish
YesBox Web-Based In Swedish and English
Flag of the United Nations Organization Multi-
sprachig Web-Based Available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian & Estonian as well as localized content for Austria (German), Switzerland (German, French & Italian) and Luxembourg (French).
MailReader Reader Site is available in English, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish and is based in Finland Web-Based This provider aims to give you an email address where your last name is also your domain name, such as, etc. Available in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian and Swedish.

| Europe-General | Denmark | Iceland | Finland | Norway | Sweden | Multi-Lingual |

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