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Infinite Technologies' Offers First Free WAP E-Mail Site For Consumer Market

Free Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Support Available for Wireless Access To New and Existing Internet E-Mail Accounts

LOS ANGELES, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- At Internet World Spring 2000, Infinite Technologies announces the immediate enhanced availability of WAP support for their free e-mail service, is the first completely free e-mail service to support WAP version 1.1, as determined by the WAP Forum. With WAP support, provides free e-mail access to anyone with a WAP compatible device such as mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson. can be used to access existing personal and corporate e-mail accounts, or users can create their personal mailbox on the service, which is also accessible via the World Wide Web. was honored recently as the "Best Personal Productivity Email Site" at the First Wappy Awards held at the Wireless 2000 conference in New Orleans. The latest version of features optimized interfaces for the different character sets found in Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson WAP phones.

"The biggest advantage of is that users can access their existing mailbox with their mobile phone, without unnecessary message forwarding or duplication," says Allan Carter, VP of Marketing for Infinite Technologies. "In today's world the last thing most people need is yet another mailbox."

This service provides much needed wireless e-mail access for traveling executives, field sales personnel, or anyone else who needs to have instant access to their offices and staff members. With WAP support becoming a standard in a wide variety of mobile phones, will make wireless e-mail available to more users than ever before.

"Electronic mail has become the digital pulse of modern organizations," states Brett Warthen, Infinite Technologies' CEO, "Our mission is to provide these users with access to their e-mail from anywhere. Whether it is a WAP compatible phone with a small text display, or a conventional phone where we utilize text-to-speech technology to read a user's e-mail, no one can provide more complete e-mail connectivity than Infinite Technologies."

WAP is an open global standard for communication between a mobile handset and the Internet or other computer applications, defined by the WAP Forum ( ). WAP-based technology enables the design of advanced, interactive and real-time mobile services, such as mobile banking or Internet based news services, which can be used in digital mobile phones or other mobile devices. The WAP specification enables solutions from various suppliers to work consistently for end-users on the digital networks. is independent of any major search engine or software conglomerate, ensuring its users the utmost in confidentiality. In addition, because this is an independent service, the user avoids virtually all targeted third party advertising.

To set up a free account on, point your Web browser to , or with a WAP compatible device, connect to More information on this service can be found at the Infinite Technologies Web site at .

About Infinite Technologies

Infinite Technologies, Inc., based in Owings Mills, Maryland, is one of the world's leading suppliers of WAP software solutions. Infinite is an established leader in the WAP market with products such as WAPlite, the World's most popular Enterprise WAP Server, and Infinite InterChange, the most powerful e-mail solution available for WAP compatible mobile phones and devices. is powered by Infinite InterChange, the most powerful e-mail solution available for WAP compatible mobile phones and devices. Infinite InterChange is in use at commercial sites such as BT Cellnet, Swisscom, Telstra, and many more major Telecomm corporations worldwide.

The Owings Mills, Maryland-based company continues to expand its connectivity solutions to include additional popular messaging platforms, bringing systems together to enable effective and efficient communication. Infinite Technologies can be reached at +1-410-363-1097, via e-mail at, or via the Web at .

Set up a free account on by pointing your Web browser to, or use any WAP compatible device to connect to More information on this service can be found at the Infinite Technologies Web site at .

The name and Infinite Technologies name are registered trademarks of Infinite Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other company, brand and product names may be trademarks that are the sole property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Allan Carter of Infinite Technologies, 410-363-1097, Fax, 410-363-3779, or e-mail,


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