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Affiliate Programs

Although we are a website dedicated to providing the most in-depth and expansive information on free eCommunications, we often get asked about doing more than that. . .making money. We have researched numerous "Paid to Surf" programs, as well as other "make money while you use your computer" programs, and have compiled a short list of those we think are the most effective while being the least intrusive. Here they are:

Desktopdollars This is our top pick. This is a program that offers payment for "rent" of some fixed space on your desktop (the top or bottom of your screen, about an inch deep). The space is used for their advertising, but it is pretty innocuous and non-distracting. The payout rates, especially the referral rates, are higher than most and the hours allowed to be paid are currently unlimited. They also have a great referral program if you run a site or have a lot of friends.

When we tested this program, we hardly noticed the banner at the top, experienced no technical glitches and didn't have to visit advertisers to get our hours counted. We especially like the fact that as their revenue increases, so does yours. If you use one of the many free ISPs we list, you can layer the ISP's banner on top of Desktopdollars' to save space and kill two birds with one stone. Check them out!

Paybar Another great option in addition to Desktopdollars is for those who want less space used on your desktop, or just another way to earn some more money. It is a small, moveable banner ad that you can put anywhere on your desktop. It pays a set amount for ads viewed, to a maximum of 15,000 per month, and offers a referral program.

TIP: The tiny banner can easily be hidden behind a Free ISP's banner, or placed over Desktopdollars', or even hidden under your ISP's banner and on top of Desktopdollars', so you can have it earning without you even knowing it's there. We really, really like that concept.

BePaid Finally ready for download! When we saw our first ad, we were wowed! This is such a great innovation in the market!

BePaid is a brand new concept that uses new technologies to allow you to interact and be entertained by full-screen advertisements with motion and sound - commercials that match your interests and lifestyle.

The AdVision software (much, much smaller than we thought it would be!) notifies you when you have an ad waiting, with the rate of pay you will receive for watching, and you decide whether or not to view it. If you do, a little screen pops up and you see the commercial. You have total control over what and when you see something, and the compensation for each offer is clearly defined. Very cool concept! You can easily run these three programs as well as a free ISP without overloading your computer.

Obviously, the best way to make some decent money is to have a solid referral base, but even if you use them only by yourself, you should earn enough to pay for your internet connection and more, depending on how much you are logged on. We will keep you abreast of any new programs we come across that meet the standards!

Those sites no longer on our "approved list:"
AllAdvantage For one of the oldest "Pay for Surfing" programs around, this one has really not delivered the way it should. The hours you can surf in the US have gone down (to only 15, meaning you can't make more than $8.00 a month!), the minimum you must earn before you can get a check went up to $30.00 (so you can't even see any money for at least four months!), and their site is often down. Very disappointing for a program that could have set the standard. The payout rates have been questionable and the reliability poor. It was a great idea, but we are not convinced that it delivers on its promises.


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