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Posty's NotesTM

Messages from the Free Email Provider GuyTM

Amidst all of the excitement of our new services, site re-design, and formal re-launch, it is easy to forget that has been providing web surfers the most definitive and expansive information on Free Email Providers for years. Our great new look, wonderful new features, and expanded site resources are really only an extension of what we have always been-quality, reliable information on Free eCommunications.

That said, it is always exciting to be able to increase your services and features. With that in mind, we are incredibly proud to announce the web's first searchable database of free email providers. I, PostyTM, your own personal Free Email Provider GuyTM, can now quickly and easily search our extensive database to find your ideal provider!

As our listings have increased to more than 1400 free email providers in over 85 countries, the volume of information that visitors have to navigate through has become quite extensive. To facilitate this process, we have developed a Search facility that allows you to input the features you are looking for in a free email provider, submit the criteria, and receive a listing of all providers who match your request.

To our knowledge, we are the first not only to have the breadth and depth of free email information, but to have the ability to search this database. This ability confirms's spot at the head of the Free Email Provider class!

I'll be highlighting our other new features and services, as well as providing tips and news in the future, so stay tuned!

We hope you are enjoying our new look and many new features. We appreciate the support's visitors have shown us!


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Posty's Notes
Messages from the Free Email Provider GuyTM.
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