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Personal Information Managers

June 30, 2000

I, Posty, the Free Email Provider Guy, have finally come to accept that folks no longer are satisfied with merely a good email provider. Email, once the be all and end all of internet communications, has met with such fierce competition the last few years that even free providers are offering more and more features--with much more sophistication--as part of their services. The response has been two distinct genres of product. One is Unified Messaging Systems (but I will save that for another day!) and the other is: The Personal Information Manager.

The Personal Information Manager takes on many forms, mostly including features that allow you to consolidate and filter your messages, coordinate your "to do" lists, keep a good calendar, etc. The idea is simply to provide a one-stop place for you to organize all of your personal information without having to check calendars and email accounts in several places.'s personal favorite is Visto.

Visto currently has the best suite of features of any Personal Information Manager system. It has, of course, a solid free email service, but is also offers a full-featured calendar, to do list, address book, and a host of other features, most of which may be synchronized with your desktop or handheld PC!

The key features are:

  • Powerful email that lets you collect all of your messages in a single inbox. This feature offers message retrieval from other accounts, instant alerts, junk mail blocking and advanced filters.
  • Integrated address book and calendar that automatically syncs with your desktop.
  • Online file space (15 MB of secure online storage!) to store documents, music, images and more.
  • Private groups that let you share messages, photos, schedules and more with your social circle or work group.
  • Total access to all of your information from your mobile web phone, Palm Organizer or PC.

I think that you can probably see for yourself why and the Free Email Provider Guy thinks Visto is awesome. It leads the way in the integration of sophisticated email with strong personal management features.

Take a look! Visto is a great product!

Note: Since this article was first written Visto has closed down its PIM services

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    Posty's Notes
    Messages from the Free Email Provider GuyTM.
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