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Posty's NotesTM

Messages from the Free Email Provider GuyTM

Free eCommunications Guide launch

Sep 15, 2000

I have another confession to make, well, make that two confessions. No, this is not as dramatic as the cyber thing of weeks ago (would you please stop laughing about that!?) ... but it is a pivotal point in ol' Posty's personality! (love that alliteration!)

Confession number 1: I love to communicate!

I love to email, to write letters, to fax, to phone, to send invitations, to page people, to IM (instant message) people, to leave messages of all kinds, and to get messages of all kinds ... I am a communications junkie. Ergo, my current position as the Post-Master of all things email. :}

Confession number 2: I am, well, thrifty.

I adore coupons and special rates. I fly off season and at odd times. I shop the clearance sales and even frequent garage sales and flea markets on occasion! I do this not because I have to, but because I can! :} But though it thrills me down to my woody little toes to get something for very little, there actually is a much greater joy ... getting something totally for free!

So imagine ol' Posty's sheer and utter delight when I found out that the Powers that Be have decided to marry these two loves of mine and produce a website filled to the brim with free (utterly and completely) ways to communicate (and there are loads!). Did I mention it is all free?!?!?

It happened a few months ago at a staff meeting ... we were supposed to be pitching ideas for another free eCommunication category to add to We thought the genre was thin, and the providers of such things few ... but as we all got to talking, and folks started presenting their research, we realized that there was a lot more out there than we had realized ... a lot more! We talked about simply expanding, but we decided that it would be really hard to market all the other free eCommunications when you are pigeonholed as the world's authority on Free Email.

So, we set about developing a sister site ... the Free eCommunications GuideTM! This site is a huge slice of heaven for this little block of wood! I get giddy just thinking about the wealth of information stuffed into this site. You will be able to access the internet for free, make free long-distance phone calls, get free voicemail, get a free internet answering machine, send online invitations, keep a complete internet calendar and organizer, get free pagers and instant messagers, make free conference calls, send and receive free faxes, store and send large files, and, of course, find the perfect free email provider, as well as much, much more.

Are you feeling faint with excitement?!?!? Posty knows just how you feel! If you have signed up on our mailing list, you will get notification about the pre-launch sneak preview of this amazing new site in the coming week. If you are not on the mailing list, mark September 29, 2000 on your calendar ... that is the official launch date!

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    Posty's Notes
    Messages from the Free Email Provider GuyTM.
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